DATE: 8th January 2023   
TIME: 2pm - 6pm  
LOCATION: London, SW12
We've partnered with the exceptional Fine Art & Fashion model Irida, The Shape Shifter for this exclusive one day workshop.  
Cj will cover the fundamentals of Portrait and Art Nude photography, shot composition, lighting theory for art nude and portraits and much more. This workshop will also feature a talk with Irida on posing your model, the common mistakes, and how to adapt posing theory to create images with impact. Irida will also be available for Q&A.
The spaces on this workshop are limited to ensure optimal theory and practice for participants.  This is a very much practical workshop. There will be plenty of shoot time for you to put into practice all that you've learned. 

Pre-registration is now open for this intensive one day workshop. We will teach you how to take stunning portrait photographs in the studio environment, using both strobe and natural light.
By the end of this workshop you will feel condfident to work by yourself in the studio. Armed with a solid understanding of studio lighting principles, how to use light modifiers (and more importantly which ones), and lighting techniques, you will now be able to create confidently.
Class size: Limited to 8 photographers.
Duration: 4 hours
Location: London 
Price: 145.00 GBP
Date: TBC
The complete workshop syllabus will be sent to participants upon registration. 
Pre- register now  to be the first  to get notified of the launch and get 30% off full ticket price.
What Will I Learn?
Introduction – explore the many different types of portrait photography from fashion portraits, actor portraits,  business headshots to creative portraits. 
Lighting – learn the 5 fundamental portrait lighting techniques, and how to expand on those for your desired results. We will also explore how the use of different light modifiers effect the image.
Camera settings – unlocking the full potential of your camera features.
Lens selection -  Learn how aperture and depth of field combined with your lens choice can either negatively, or positively impact your image.  Exploring the exposure triangle, you will learn how to use this in portrait photography for maximum impact.
Composition – Exploring the rules of composition, how to use them, and when to break them for creative effect.
Pre-registration is now open for this exclusive studio based workshop.
It features some of the UK's top performers. Learn how to shoot captivating photographs of pole dancers, that will have your images stand out from the rest.
By themend of this one day workshop, you will have learned essential studio lighting techniques which you will be able to recreate with confidence.
Class size: Limited to 8 photographers.
Duration: 4 hours
Location: London 
Price: £150.00 GBP
Date:  TBC
Pre- register now  to be the first  to get notified of the launch and get 30% off full ticket price.
What Will I Learn?
Introduction - explore the different types of pole dancing,  working to a client brief and pre-shoot communication.
Lighting - Learn the fundamental  studio lighting techniques, how to light your environment, separate to your model for maximum impact. Plus how to unleash your creativity with rear curtain sync.
Exposure Triangle - Explore the exposure triangle and how to manipulate it for your desired impact.
Lens Selection - What lens to use and why. How the environment influences your choice of lens, and how to make the most out of what kit you do have. 
Working With Your Pole Dancers - understand the relationship between the photographer and the dancer, and learn how to work with dancers of various levels. 
Styling & Props - Why styling can make or break a shoot. How the impact the dancer's wardrobe can have on ligthing style. How to include various props (including smoke machines) and when not to include them.
Composition -  Pole dancing is a form of expression. Together we will explore shot composition beyond the common wide shot on a plain backdrop. How to make your images more impactful and interesting, so that you capture the essence of the dancer (making their images unique to them).
Pre-registration is now open for this exclusive nude art studio based workshop.
Learn how to shoot captivating art nude photographs, that will stand out.
By the end of this one day workshop you will have learned essential studio lighting techniques which you will be able to recreate with condfidence, how to direct a model, and understand essential anatomy for photographers to create images with impact.
Class size: Limited to 8 photographers.
Duration: 4 hours
Location: London 
Price: £165.00 GBP
Date: TBC
Pre- register now  to be the first to get notified of the launch and get 30% off full ticket price.
**Please note you must be 18 years+ to attend this workshop**
What Will I Learn?
An introduction to Art Nude and Boudoir photography
Essential Anatomy - learn essential anatomy for photographers, understand the different structures and shapes the body can make, and main muscles involved so that you can mould the light to the model that is infront of you (no matter their shape or size).
Light – discover the role of light in this type of photography, how to shape light for your desired effect. You will  learn the different styles (hard lighting, soft lighting, low key, high key) and which modifiers to use.
Lighting equipment –  How to utilise studio lighting equipment, from single lights, to mulitple light set ups.
Technical aspects – improve your images by taking a deeper dive into  the exposure triangle, and manipulating your camera settings.
Lens selection – Which focal lenghts are best suited for art nude photography, and how to get the most out of the lenses you already own.
Styling & Props – The importance of when and when not to use props. Types of backdrops or backgrounds to use. How to create images with impact, and desinging a shoot brief prior to shoot, so that you maximise your time in the studio.
Working with a model – How to pose and direct a model, legal requirements, health and safety.
Getting published - How and where to get your images published, legal, copyright and rights usage considerations.
At London Camera Club Meet-Up (LCCM) it's all about peer learning. 
LCCM is a regular gathering of photographers that is open to all levels, so that we can connect, learn and grow together. 
Each session focuses on a different aspect or style of photography, and all are welcome regardless whether you shoot film, or digital, and whatever camera you have. We don't do snobbery here, and all egos are checked at the door.
Sessions can be practical in design to help you grow as a photographer and artist. Here, you will get plenty of shoot time and practice on a particular aspect (from street photography, to sports to studio, or fashion). 
There are also sessions that are created to help you with the business development side, networking, or planning and development of project ideas.

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