Bleed For This.
The female ballet dancer, often regarded as the epitomy of grace, beauty, fragility and elegance, while the male boxer is the emobodiment of violence, strength and destruction.
Both are athletes, both bleed for their craft, not just metaphorically, but literally. Their bodies are a record of their own journey.  This piece explores notions of masculinity and feminity and throws them in the ring together. Allowing the brutal reality, and the self destructive nature of our tendencies to run its course.
Desnudo Torera
This piece borrows from the work of Mikhail Mikhaylov, entitled Cyber-Torero. This "Naked Bull Fighter"  stands defiantly, comfortable in her own skin, displaying her body and taking back control.  Her satement echoes the inconvenient truth that a naked body is not  necessarily a sexualised one. 
Censorship of  female nudity on social media, means that model artists such as Whaggi River, are "cancelled" and denied the freedom to express themselves.  So here she stands. "The Naked Bull Fighter" fiercely fighting your Bull Sh*t.
Shot on 35mm film in 1997, this project explores the demonisation of dark sinned black men by women who seek to "weaponise" their position.  The slur "Karen" which has entered into popular culture in the 2020s gives us a clue.
According to  Professor Suzzane Woods, a Karen "demands the world exist according to her standards with little regard for others, and she is willing to risk or demean others to achieve her ends."  The rise of "Karen's" in USA, making false allegations  "Weaponising" their privilege to essentially use the Police as their attack dogs is becoming common practice. However this is not unique to the United States.
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