Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself....
Blending my experience and skills, as an educator, coach, facilitator and project manager seamlessly, I can provide and end-to-end solution that will meet your needs. 
As an Artist, I am a Visual Storyteller who delivers socially engaged projects. 
My work is personal, I put in work and I work with purpose. My approach is collaborative, reflective, inclusive and imaginative.As a Creative Health Specialist I provide a framework for collaborative processes, to
create art-based projects that are dedicated to improving health outcomes. 
I am available for both commercial and private projects.  
So get in touch. Tell me some key details about your project, your current time frame and your budget, a rough idea is fine if you don't know exactly (or ask me for an estimate). Pop it all in the form below, hit "submit" and I'll get back to you by 48 hours (if not before).
Thank you!
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