What is Socially Engaged Photography?
Socially engaged photography refers to a photographic practice that goes beyond traditional image-making and aims to actively engage with social issues, communities, or individuals. A commitment to social change, advocacy, and the exploration of various societal concerns characterises this genre of photography.
Who is Socially Engaged Photography For?
Charities, local commuity groups, community interest companies, NGOs, government organisations and researchers can all use Socially Engaged Photography. The methodology used in each project will differ depending on the desired outcomes and the unique needs of the projects. 
Interestingly, commercial companies have also used socially engaged photography and film as part of their advertising campaigns, when employing a social justice or advocacy angle. SEP is also a key super power of the individual photographer who wishes to challenge and change societal norms they are passionate about. 
Here are some key aspects of Socially Engaged Photography (SEP):
Documentary  & Portraiture Approach:
 Socially engaged photographers often employ a documentary style to capture real-life situations, people, and events.  Collaborative or staged portraiture is also often used, to capture the subjects of the project as they wish to be presented. The goal is to provide a truthful and authentic representation of the subject matter.
Community Involvement: 
Unlike detached observation, socially engaged photographers often immerse themselves in the communities they document. They may collaborate with community members, NGOs, or advocacy groups to understand the issues they are addressing and to ensure that the photographic work is respectful and empowering.
Advocacy and Awareness: 
The primary aim of socially engaged photography is to raise awareness about social issues and promote positive change. Photographers may use their work to shed light on topics such as human rights, social justice, environmental concerns, poverty, or cultural identity.
Socially engaged photographers may work in collaboration with individuals or communities, giving them a voice and agency in the storytelling process. This collaborative approach often results in a more nuanced and multifaceted representation of the subject matter.
Many socially engaged photographers see their work as a form of activism. Through their images, they seek to inspire empathy, challenge stereotypes, and prompt viewers to reflect on and engage with the social issues presented.
Long-Term Projects: 
Socially engaged photography often involves long-term projects that offer a deep dive into the complexities of a particular issue or community. This allows photographers to build trust, capture the evolution of situations over time, and create a more comprehensive narrative.
How I Can Help With Your Project
Whether you simply need a socially engaged photographer to capture images,  if you need an end-to-end solution for your project, or perhaps you need me to act as a consultant, I can provide you with a high-quality, collaborative, ethical service that keeps the social issue at the heart of the project.  Get in touch, tell me a little about your project, and we can get you booked in for a no-obligation consultation. 
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