The process that was used for this collaborative project  with the ACLT was informed by the work of Langam & Pick, "Photography As a Social Research Method" (2018), Breny & McMorrow's "Photovoice for Social Justice : Visual Representation in Action" (2021), and the work of Neil Gibson "Therapeutic Photography" (2018).  I had developed this method from a previous project exploring intersectionality in the circus, cabaret and pole dancing space.  This process is outlined in fig.1.  If you would like to learn more about this process, or how it could apply to your project, do [get in touch].
fig.1 Methodology & Approach
In addition to this approach, a follow up questionaire was included post-shoot with the participants. Both qualitative and quantative data was collected. That information is not presented here. But I've presented the visual progression of the campaign.
fig.2 Behind The Scenes of "What's Your Story?" project.

fig.3 The post - production process.
In the initial phase of this collaborative project, there were twenty one portraits. I've included 5 portraits here. A "painterly" style was used. The desired effect takes between 30 -45 minutes of editing per image. The stories of the participants that was collected in the initial survey was  also added to the portraits, along side the ACLT logo, a call to action, and a QR code. Further below you will see examples of the final campaign images.
This is an ongoing project with the ACLT, and will be updated as developments occur.
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